Early Days - the Crystal Rose Fan Club

The library grew from one North Carolina fan group's efforts. Begun around 1991 by JoAnn Grant and Vicki Thomas, the circle grew to include Sandy P. Shelton, Mickey Sayles and Carla McRorie. The Fan Club published a bi-monthly newsletter and a series of fanzines – one of the first venues for our cherished Chan (Sandy C. Shelton) and her artwork. The friends pooled their individual fanzines and created a members-only lending library, eventually creating a website for the library. Today that site is in archive form and is home to a selection of online fan fiction.

Jan Sutter - Second Librarian

When life's circumstances made it impossible for the founders to continue the lending library, the collection was transferred to Jan Sutter, a member of the Fan Club living in Texas. Three hundred zines were shipped to her – in about four boxes, Jan remembered. Over time, Jan replaced many missing copies herself and purchased several large lots of zines so that when the collection left her home, it had more than doubled in size. Sadly, Jan passed away in 2011. Her efforts will not be forgotten.

Sandy P. Shelton and Jan Sutter share their memories HERE.




open filing cabinet, zine pulled up