All zines are in good (lovingly read) to very good condition
and were donated to benefit the CRLL.

Some volumes may contain adult content, both story and art.
Use the QFER or the Crystal Rose Lending Library's database for more information.
Feel free to ask questions.

Email me with your purchase list.

Orders filled on a first-asked for, first-sold basis.
As zines are purchased, I'll delete them.

Shipping by media mail at no additional cost within the USA.
International orders accepted, but shipping must be added to the cost of the zines.

Payment by Paypal or check. I'll send you payment instructions by return email.

Thanks for your support of the CRLL!
~ Carole



CRLL ZINE SALE - March 2016

$8 Above and Below: a Guide to Beauty and the Beast
$10 All Things Are Possible 2
$10 All Things Are Possible 6
$5 All Things Are Possible With Love (Digest sized)
$10 All That Lights Upon Us

$9 Between Two Worlds I
$9 Between Two Worlds 2

$9 Cascade of Dreams 1

$8 Definitions of Love 2
$8 A Different Dream
$10 A Distant Shore - the Fairy Tale Continues

$5 Faery Tale (Digest sized)

$5 Heart of The Minstrel (Digest sized)
$6 Heartsounds 1

$7 Light and Cloudshadows 1

$9 Mirrors 1 (no cover photo art)
$9 Mirrors 4

$7 Shadows of Light
$11 Something That Has Never Been

$10 Tunnelcon 1
$10 Tunnelcon 2

$6 Vina, Vina 1
$6 Vina, Vina 2
$6 Vina, Vina 3

$6 White Roses (Digest sized)
$5 Who's Blake 2 (multi-fandom stories)

$10 Calendar: 1993 Journeys (MacWombat Press - multiple artists)
$10 Calendar: 1996 Wave Of Passion (artwork by Chan, poetry by Pat Leslie)

$5 Beauty and the Beast - Barbara Hambly novel
$5 Windy Pini graphic novels: Portrait of Love, Night of Beauty
$3 Innovation Comics #1

$5 Crystals, Roses, & Candlewax: Michigan fan group newsletter - 7 issues
$5 Batb Fan club newsletter (Iowa group) 9 issues
$5 International Fan Club newsletter 5 issues


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