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Not every work of fan fiction is online

The Beauty and the Beast Fandom has been active since the show aired in 1987. In those days the internet wasn’t on most people’s radar screen – and even fewer had computer screens! The creative expression of fandom’s writers was published on actual paper with actual ink (remember those?) While some of those writers have since made their stories available online for all to share, there are many who have not.


The lending library began in 1991 within the Crystal Rose Fan Club with the pooling and sharing of members’ personal holdings. Today we have almost 800 fanzines in the collection. Available to borrowers for nothing more than the promise to return them and the cost of shipping, this repository is one of fandom’s treasures.


Now in this newly redesigned website with an updated “shopping cart” functionality, the publications are still available to our fandom family. Use the menu in the left-hand column to search the catalog for just what you’ve always wanted to read. You may even leave comments on a zine when you’re done. 


The information contained in the descriptions of the zines comes from the QFER (the Helpers’ Network Quality Fanzine Review Online), created by Nan Dibble and generously provided by its  custodians – Jackie N., JoAnn B. & Aliset. The Lending Library is grateful for their efforts to catalog and annotate hundreds of zines and for the permission to incorporate the data into our files. Please be patient – our system is new and there are bound to be glitches and inaccuracies. Any and all mistakes are entirely the fault of the Librarians and not due to the QFER or its creators.


All you need to know about the borrowing process can be found in the left-hand column under the heading "Information." Please read through all the links. Feel free to email us with any questions.




ORDERING PROCEDURE NOTICE: When you have five zines in your cart, click Check Out. Follow the prompts, clicking "next" until you come to a page that asks you to "choose the payment method you want to use". Regardless of whether you want to pay by check or use Paypal, you must go inside the box and click on the link "Pay by check or Paypal." On the next page, you must click "I confirm my order".

** If you don't go through all the steps and confirm your order, the order isn't logged and is lost.

** If you go through all the steps, you will come to a page with the mailing address for checks. 

At this point, if you'd prefer to use Paypal, just click on the Paypal logo under the cart for the account information necessary for the transfer.

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