Your terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

Only those living in the continental United States may borrow zines from the library.

Rule 2

You must register for an account. (Click “Your Account” on the upper right of the page  and follow the prompts.) We must verify your email address.

Rule 3

5 zines will usually fit in one mailer box. Choose 5 and if any of your choices are unavailable, the Librarian will contact you for alternates.

Rule 4

You may have only one package (5 zines) out at a time. 


Rule 5

Shipment to you costs $6.00. Send payment by Paypal or, if you prefer, send a check to the Librarian. The mailing address is shown at checkout. Your zines will be mailed after payment is received.


Rule 6

You may keep the zines for two months.


Rule 7

By ordering, you agree to pay the reasonable replacement cost for damaged or lost zines.


Rule 8

Return all the zines you ordered in the box you received. If ours is too damaged to reuse, please provide a sturdy substitute. Tape it well. You will find a return mailing label  in the box. Use Media Mail to return the zines. You are responsible for the cost of return postage.


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