Secure payment

Using Paypal

1. To pay for your shipping and handling fees via PayPal, go to

Link will open in a separate window.

2. Log in to your Paypal account.

3. Choose Send Money.

4. In the "To" field, type fallingstarfarm (at) comcast (dot) net.

Replace (at) with @, (dot) with .

5. Amount is $6.00.

6. Click on the Personal tab. Check Other.

7. Follow Paypal's instructions to complete the transfer.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you do not have a balance in your PayPal account and/or a link to your bank account, there will be a fee of approximately 47 cents.  You, the borrower, are responsible for this fee.  PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE TO HAVE THE FEE PAID BY THE LIBRARY.    

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